We are Wisdom Apothecary, with registered address at Balmes 26, 5º 1ª 08007, Barcelona, Spain.
The data controller is: Pleins Awe S.L
You can contact us by email at hola@wisdomapothecary.com, and we will reply to you as soon as possible from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.
Wisdom Apothecary is the owner of the website www.wisdomapothecary.com and the controller of the personal data that users may provide through this Website and agrees to comply with its obligation of secrecy regarding such personal data and with its duty to process such data confidentially and securely. For this purpose, we will implement the measures required to prevent the alteration, loss, processing or unauthorised access thereof.
Collected data is stored according to legally-established confidentiality and security measures and will not be transferred to or shared with companies or entities not related to the entity legally responsible for this Website. Wisdom Apothecary may disclose any information it deems necessary, including personal data, solely to comply with legal obligations.
Wisdom Apothecary takes the precautions necessary to protect your personal data and has implemented all of the technical means at its disposal to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised use and theft of the data you provide; however, Internet security measures are not infallible.
The legal grounds for processing users’ data is their consent as the data subjects. The information provided by users must be true. When registering on our Website, users guarantee the authenticity of the data they provide. Otherwise, users will be liable for the damage that may be incurred by Wisdom Apothecary or by third parties for not providing authentic data.


We gather your personal information to provide and continuously improve our products and services. This is the type of information we gather:

  • Information that you provide: We receive and store the information that you provide in relation to the purchases you make. You can choose to not provide certain information, but if you do so, you will not be able to use some of the services provided by Wisdom Apothecary.
  • Automated information: Every time you use this Platform, we automatically receive and store certain kinds of information, such as information on usage, including how you interact with the content and services available through this Platform.

Wisdom Apothecary processes the following categories of data:

  • Personal data: Name, surname(s), street address, email address, postcode, phone number, town, etc.
  • Financial and transactional data.
  • Traffic and location data.
  • Electronic communications metadata.
  • Commercial data.
  • Data on likes and preferences.
  • The legal grounds for processing your data is your consent as the data subject. The information you provide must be true. When registering on our Website, you guarantee the authenticity of the data you provide. Otherwise, you will be liable for the damage that may be incurred by Wisdom Apothecary or by third parties for not providing authentic data.

    The information on the forms provided by Wisdom Apothecary through its online Platform marked with an asterisk (*) are required to comply with the established contractual or legal purpose.

    Therefore, if you do not provide it, you will not be able to register on the Website and your request will not be fulfilled. If you provide the data of third parties, you must have their consent, holding Wisdom Apothecary harmless in this regard. Nevertheless, at Wisdom Apothecary we may take actions to verify this fact, undertaking related due diligence measures in accordance with data protection regulations.

    Wisdom Apothecary will at all times process your data confidentially and upholding the obligation of secrecy with regard to it, in accordance with the provisions of applicable regulations, implementing for this purpose the technical and organisational measures needed to guarantee the security of your data and prevent it from being altered, lost, processed or accessed in an unauthorised manner, given the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which it is exposed.


    We will use your data to, among other purposes, manage your registration as a user, manage the purchase of products or services, answer your questions and, if you so choose, send you our personalised communications.

    We will process your personal data manually and/or by automatic means for the following specific purposes:

    • For the purchase and delivery of products and services. We use your personal information to accept and manage orders, deliver products and services, process payments and communicate with you regarding orders, products, services and promotions.
    • To manage your registration as a user on the online Platform. Nevertheless, you must in any case verify and validate your registration on the Platform by entering your username and password, through which you grant your consent.
    • To perform, enforce and implement the contract of sale or for services you have entered into with us on the Platform.
    • To communicate with you to provide updates or informational notifications regarding the contracted functionalities, products or services, including the sending of satisfaction surveys relating to the products or services we provide.
    • To manage payments for the products you buy, regardless of the means of payment used.
    • To use those mechanisms strictly necessary to prevent fraud against you and against us during the purchasing process. If we believe that the operation may be fraudulent, this processing may lead to us blocking the transaction.
    • To manage refunds when you make purchases.
    • To answer queries and questions submitted on the www.wisdomapothecary.com website, through the “Contact” section. We will only process the data strictly necessary to manage or resolve your request or question regarding the availability of products or reservations.
    • For invoicing purposes to provide you with the invoices for the purchases you have made on the Platform.
    • For marketing purposes, managing your subscription to our newsletter and sending you personalised information about our products or services by means such as email or SMS. You should note that the processing of data involves analysing your user or customer profile, for which purpose we create anonymous statistical reports regarding your browsing habits and the activity conducted on the Website. Based on your purchasing and browsing history, we can make suggestions about products that may interest you. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time at no cost.
    • To carry out promotional actions. When participating in a promotional campaign, you authorise us to process the data you provide based on each promotional action, which we may communicate through various means such as social media or on the Platform itself. You will have the legal information available for each promotional action in which you participate, in which we will provide more detailed information on how we process your data.
    • Recommendations and personalisation. We use your personal information to recommend functionalities, products and services that may interest you, to identify your preferences and to personalise your experience with us.
    • Usability and quality analysis to improve our services. If you visit our Platform, we will process your browsing data for analytical and statistical purposes, i.e., in order to understand the way in which users interact with our Platform to thus be able to make improvements to it. Likewise, we sometimes conduct actions and satisfaction surveys to learn the degree of satisfaction of our customers and users to identify areas in which we can improve.
    • To comply with legal obligations.


    The legal ground for the processing of user’s data by Wisdom Apothecary is the consent of the data subject, which is requested in each case.

    The legal ground for managing the purchase of products or services over the Website, invoicing and related shipments is the performance of the contract.

    The legal ground for processing the data provided in the “Questions” section is to answer the query submitted by the user.

    The processing of data to send electronic newsletters with offers, promotions and news related to our online Platforms and commercial and/or promotional information, to prepare anonymous statistical reports on the browsing habits and activity conducted on the Website by users, and to create commercial profiles using data resulting from the management of products and services purchased from Wisdom Apothecary are based on the legitimate interest of the latter to carry out such processing in accordance with current regulations.

    The consents obtained for the above-mentioned purposes are independent, which means that the user may withdraw one or several of them without affecting the others.

    At the same time, the user’s information may be used to comply with Wisdom Apothecary’s various legal obligations.

    The legal ground that allows us to process your personal data also depends on the purpose for which we process it, namely:

    • To manage your registration as a user on the Platform. Your data must be processed in order to register as a user on the Platform. We must process your personal data; otherwise, we will not be able to manage your registration.
    • To perform, enforce and implement the contract of sale or for services. Your data must be processed in order to perform the contract of sale or for services that binds us to you. We have a legitimate interest in conducting the actions necessary to identify and prevent potential fraud when you make a purchase. We understand that the processing of this data is positive for all parties involved when you make a payment for a purchase and in particular for you, because it allows us to take measures to protect you against attempted fraud by third parties.
    • Customer Care. We believe that we have a legitimate interest in responding to the requests and queries that you submit through the various means of contact that we offer you. The processing of this data is also beneficial for you, because it allows us to serve you appropriately and answer the queries submitted. When you contact us, in particular, to manage incidents related to your order or to the product/service acquired over the Platform, your data must be processed to perform the contract of sale or for services. When your question is related to exercising your right of access, right to rectification, right to erasure, right to data portability and right to object or to claims related to our products or services, the legal ground for processing your data is compliance with a legal obligation by us.
    • Marketing. The legal ground for processing your data for marketing purposes is the consent you give us when agreeing to receive personalised information, when you authorise us to send notifications or when you agree to the terms and conditions for participating in a promotional action. To show you personalised content, we believe we have a legitimate interest in creating a profile with the information we have about you (such as your browsing history, preferences and shopping history) and with the personal data you provide (such as your age range and language), since we understand that processing this data enables us to improve your experience as a user and provide you with information based on your preferences.
    • Usability and quality analysis. We believe we have a legitimate interest in analysing the user’s use of the Platform and his/her degree of satisfaction, since this will allow us to improve the user’s experience and provide better service.


    A) Form to register on the website

    Personal data is collected on this Platform through the registration form and will be processed by Wisdom Apothecary. The data collected through this form will be processed for the purpose of managing registration on the Wisdom Apothecary website and of managing purchases made by registered users through the Website. If you make a purchase at Wisdom Apothecary, we can send you commercial and advertising communications about products similar to the ones you purchased, without prejudice to the fact that you can choose to not receive these communications at any time using the mechanisms indicated in the commercial communication itself. Likewise, if you check the relevant box, the email address provided will be used to send advertising communications that may be of interest to you.

    When you send the data through the registration form, you are giving your consent to the purposes of processing set forth in this paragraph.

    B) Form to sign up for the newsletter

    Personal data of users, specifically their email address, is collected on this Website through the form to sign up for the newsletter. The data collected through this form will be processed by Wisdom Apothecary as the data controller. This data will be collected in order to periodically send the Wisdom Apothecary newsletter. When you sign up for the newsletter, we understand that you consent to the purposes of processing described in this paragraph.

    C) Sending emails to the contact address

    On this Website, there is an email address available for users to contact Wisdom Apothecary: hola@wisdomapothecary.com. The personal data that you provide through this email address will be processed by Wisdom Apothecary as the data controller. The data collected will be processed for the purpose of managing the query you submit. When sending an email to any of our email addresses, we understand that you consent to the purposes of processing described in this paragraph.

    D) Consulting about diseases, skin problems and treatment

    If, when consulting Wisdom Apothecary, you provide data relating to allergies, physical characteristics, etc., Wisdom Apothecary will only process this data to respond to your consultation and will subsequently erase it. This data will not be communicated to third parties in any case.


    The amount of time we keep your data depends on the purposes for which we process it:

    • To manage your user account on the Platform, we will process your data throughout the time you continue to be a registered user (that is, until you decide to delete your account).
    • To perform, enforce and implement the contract of sale or for services, we will process your data throughout the time required for us to manage the purchase of the products or services that you have acquired, including any potential returns, complaints or claims related to the purchase of the product or service in particular. We will on some occasions only process the data until the moment you decide, such as in the case of the payment data (credit card) you have asked us to store for possible future purchases.
    • In Customer Care, we will process your data throughout the time necessary to respond to your request or question.
    • For marketing, we will process your data until you delete your account or unsubscribe from the newsletter.
    • If you participate in promotional actions, we will keep your data for a period of six (6) months from the end of the action.
    • To analyse use and quality, we will process your data specifically when we conduct a concrete action or satisfaction survey or until your browsing data becomes anonymous.

    Even though we process your data during the time strictly necessary for the stated purpose, we will later keep your data duly safeguarded and protected throughout the time in which any liabilities may arise related to the processing, in accordance with valid regulations at the time. Once the statute of limitations has expired for potential actions in each case, we will proceed to delete your personal data.


    For the purposes stated in this Privacy and Cookie Policy, we must share your personal data with third parties who help us provide the services we offer, namely to: i) Financial institutions; ii) Fraud detection and prevention agencies; iii) Providers of technology services; iv) Providers and collaborators of logistics, transport and delivery services; v) Providers of services related to customer service; vi) Suppliers; and vii) Collaborators of services related to marketing and advertising. For service efficiency, if any of the above-mentioned providers were located outside the European Economic Area somewhere that does not provide a level of data protection comparable to that of the European Union, we will share your data with adequate guarantees and always ensuring the security of your data.


    We agree to respect the confidentiality of your personal data and to guarantee that you can exercise your rights, which you can do at no cost. You can send us an email to hola@wisdomapothecary.com with the subject: “Data Protection”, your request and the right you wish to exercise. We will respond to you as soon as possible, since any matter related to safeguarding and protecting your personal data is an absolute priority for us. We may ask you for a copy of a document proving your identity, if we consider it necessary to be able to identify you.

    In particular, regardless of the purpose or legal ground for processing your data, you have the right to:

    • Ask us for access to the data that we have about you. If you are a registered user on the Platform, you can also view this information in the section containing your personal data.
    • Ask us to rectify the data that we have about you. If you are a registered user on the Platform, you can also go to the personal data section of your account to change or update your personal data. Nonetheless, please note that when you actively share your personal data with us by any means, you guarantee that it is true and accurate and you agree to notify us about any change or modification to it. Any loss or damage caused to the Platform or to the entity responsible for the Platform or to any third party due to the communication of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete data on the registration forms will be the exclusive liability of the user that has shared this data. You should only share your personal data with us, not that of third parties, except as permitted in this Privacy and Cookie Policy.
    • Ask us to erase your data to the extent that it is no longer necessary for the purpose for which we need to process it as stipulated above or to the extent that we are no longer legitimated to do so.
    • Ask us to restrict the processing of your data, which means that in certain cases you can request that we temporarily stop processing your data or that we store your data longer than needed for the purpose of processing in cases when you may need it. If you have given us your consent to process your data for any purpose, you also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. When the legal ground for processing your data is your consent or the performance of the contract, you also have the right to request the portability of your personal data. This means that you have the right to receive the personal data that you have shared with us in a structured, commonly-used and machine-readable format to be able to transmit it directly to another entity, whenever technically possible. Likewise, when the processing of your data is based on our legitimate interest, you also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data.

    You have the right to file a claim with the relevant data protection authority, in particular with the: - Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (https://sedeagpd.gob.es/sede-electronica-web/vistas/formNuevaReclamacion/reclamacion.jsf).


    If you share the personal data of third parties, you guarantee that you have informed them about the purposes for and the way in which we need to process their personal data.


    We design our systems and devices taking into account your security and privacy.

    • We work to protect the security of your personal information when it is being shared.
    • When managing your credit card information, we comply with security standards.
    • We have physical, electronic and procedural security systems relating to the collection, storage and disclosure of the customer’s personal information. Our security procedures involve on occasions asking you to provide us with proof of identity before sharing confidential information with you.
    • Our devices are equipped with security features that protect them against unauthorised access and data loss.
    • It is important that you protect yourself against unauthorised access by third parties to your password and to your computers, devices and applications. Make sure that you log out at the end of your session whenever you are using a shared computer.


    We use cookies and similar technologies to enhance browsing on the Platform, to learn about how you interact with us and, in certain cases, to show you advertising based on your browsing habits.

    What is a cookie? A cookie is a small text file created by a website that is placed on your computer, mobile phone or any other device which contains information about how you browse on that site. In the case of Internet, the sender is the server where the website is hosted and the receiver is the browser that you use to visit any website. Cookies are necessary to enhance browsing and make it more efficient, since they help, among other functions, to identify you and to resolve possible errors in the operation of the Website. They do not harm the computer.

    Why are cookies used on this Website? Cookies are an essential part of how our Website works. The main objective of our cookies is to enhance the browsing experience and for future visits. They are used to collect and store data while users use the Platform, storing information that is only of interest to keep in order to provide service to the user (i.e., to remind users which products they have chosen, to remember their session, etc.), all of which will only occur on a single occasion. Moreover, the information collected through cookies makes it possible to improve the Website by estimating audience size and usage patterns, adapting the Website to the individual interests of users, making searches faster, etc. Sometimes, upon prior consent, we may use cookies, tags and other similar technologies to obtain information that allows us to show you on our Website the website of third parties or any other means or advertising based on the analysis of your browsing habits.

    No sensitive personal identification information, such as your address, password, credit or debit card number, etc., is stored in the cookies we use.

    How Wisdom Apothecary uses cookies. The information stored in the cookies on our Website is used exclusively by us, except for those cookies identified below as “third-party cookies”, which are used and managed by outside entities to provide services requested by us to improve our services and the user’s experience when browsing our Website. In order to recognise you and provide better service, we use first-party cookies, which are those that we send to your computer or terminal from our Website. They can also be used to recognise subsequent visits and thus adapt the content we show, to obtain information about the date and time of your last visit, to measure certain traffic parameters relating to visits to the Website or to track the number of visits, so that we can focus and adapt services and promotions more effectively. No cookie can extract information from your hard drive or obtain personal information. The user will be informed if in the future we use other cookies in order to provide more and improved services.

    So-called third-party cookies are used and managed by outside entities to provide services requested by us that allow us to improve our services and the user’s experience when browsing our Website. These third-party cookies are mainly used to obtain statistics regarding session activity and to guarantee the payment transactions that are made.

    Name Provider Purpose
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    Persistent cookies:

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    We may change the information in this Privacy and Cookie Policy when we consider it appropriate to do so. If we do, we will notify you in different ways over the Platform (for example, through a banner, a pop-up, a push notification) or we will even notify you at your email address when the change in question is significant with respect to your privacy, so that you can review and assess the changes and, if necessary, object to or cancel any service or feature. In any case, we suggest that you review this Privacy and Cookie Policy from time to time in case there are minor changes or we introduce some sort of interactive improvement, given that it will always be available as a permanent source of information on our Website. In the event that an acquisition, merger or any other circumstance results in a change in the ownership of this Website and of the database, and as a user you expressly consent that your registration data and information may be transferred by Wisdom Apothecary to the new owner, regardless of whether the latter is national or foreign, Wisdom Apothecary will at all times comply with the duty of information in this regard.

    Last update: 1st of July 2019