Fertile Goddess Ceremony

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This ceremonial pack will help you to create a ritual to begin the Fertile Goddess extract intake and set up your healing intentions.

It contains all the elements you need to carry out your ritual, in addition to two downloadable audio meditations: Grounding Meditation* and My Creation Power*, focused on connecting your fourth heart Anahata, with your second chakra, Svadhisthana, your power center and source of creation.

The pack includes:

  • 1 Fertile Goddess Extract.
  • Ritual guide*: detailed explanation on how to conduct the ritual and the best Lunar Cycle phases to work with the energies in your favor.
  • Guided Grounding Meditation*.
  • Guided My Creation Power Meditation*.
  • Shiva Lingam and Carnelian crystals, associated with our sexual energy and reproductive power.
  • White Sage, Rosemary and Roses Smudge Stick.
  • Soy wax candle with Geranium, Lemon and Orange essential oils.

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*Please note that this content is in Spanish.
Chaste tree* (Vitex-agnus castus L., fruit), Chamomile* (Chamomilla recutita L., flower), Evening Primrose Oil* (Oenothera biennis L.). Sunflower Seed Oil* (Helianthus annuus L.)

*Organic plants

Shake before using. Take 30 drops (1ml) directly o dissolved in a glass of water, twice daily.

Food supplements should not be a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep the container closed, in a dry place.

No recommended if the patient is following an hormonal contraceptive treatment. In women who have suffered from some type of estrogen-dependent cancer. Women under 18 years old. Women who stopped taking hormonal contraceptives in the last 3 months. Epileptic patients.