Wisdom Apothecary

I have always believed in the power of nature and of our own bodies to heal us; if we work synergistically with nature, we can resolve imbalances generated by our current lifestyles: the pace of stressful lives, poor nutrition and unaddressed emotional strains.

There have been many occasions in which I have turned to medicinal plants to care for my health. When I started the incredible journey of motherhood, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to give my son the best nutrition that a mother can provide, breast milk. But the body does not always grant our wishes and I struggled to provide my son with the amount of milk he needed. Once again, medicinal plants were my best allies, helping me to increase my milk production completely naturally without compromising its nutritional quality.

This and other personal experiences gave rise to Wisdom Apothecary, a company created by and for women with the goal of recovering the ancestral wisdom of medicinal plants for promoting and nurturing feminine health.

Elena Castellar Maymó

Wisdom Mama


Remedies charged with love

Organic herbs

We only use organic-certified herbs to ensure the purity of our raw materials and the preservation of all of their properties.

Best Practices

Our products are created in accordance with the current European legislation to ensure the quality and safety of our remedies.

Small production

At Wisdom Apothecary, we like things done right. For this reason, we prefer to produce in small batches so that all of our products are made with love and meet our standards of quality.



Our formulas have been created following the ancestral use of medicinal plants in Europe. Each plant was selected because it has specific properties with multiple studies attesting to them. Even so, each woman can react differently to a particular formula, so we cannot guarantee that they work the same way for all women. If you would like to know more about the properties of the medicinal plants we use, please consult our Botanical Guide.

Business with principles

We are a business with principles. Through our business philosophy, we aim to connect, promote and inspire the change we so badly need in our society:

Sustainable business

We adhere to fair and responsible practices in everything we do: our products are composed of organic herbs and produced sustainably.

Women's Empowerment

WA was created by and for women. We believe that love and women’s empowerment can change the world. Through our "Female empowerment program”, we promote projects, collaborations and synergies among women.


For our bodies, the Mother Earth and others

For our bodies

All of our products are produced with organic ingredients that provide all of the healing properties of medicinal plants.

For the Earth

Mother Earth is our true inspiration. That is why we follow sustainable practices and contribute to reforestation programs.

For others

We promote a culture of support and collaboration among women with the goal of creating a better world.